100 things to do in the holidays
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100 things to do in the holidays

With the school summer holidays coming up faster than a F1 car on a race track, we have put together a cool little ‘100 things to do this summer’ sheet you can print off and stick on your fridge. With indoor and outdoor activities, family and individual ones too, your little cherubs will be kept busy all summer long.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites below to give you a few more ideas of things to do at the times when you need it most.


Ah, two birds with one stone with this little gem; you keep them busy and dinner is sorted too. Genius. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as your local pizzeria makes it look, check out the easiest way of creating pizza with kids by our friend over at Eats Amazing here (https://www.eatsamazing.co.uk/general-posts/clearing-out-my-freezer-for-zero-waste-week).



“Are we nearly there yet?” - the words all parents dread on any long journey. Passing the time with games is the only best way to keep those little minds active enough to avoid hearing this repeatedly. Be prepared, pack some (easily played in the back of a car) games for all the family - there is only so long you can play i-spy before you snap. The Brainbox games are a 10-minute brain workout which challenge your knowledge on the subject whilst teaching you something new. It’s great for all inquisitive members of the family, especially those competitive types. We even have a Transport one perfect for the car and it ticks the “learn about different types of transport” box from our 100 list.



It’s a wet summer’s day and the kids are getting restless; what better to do than play some good old fashioned family board games. We all might have the classics stuffed in the back of the cupboard, but why not be prepared and whip out a new family classic when they least expect it? A new game when they’re bored makes for a very popular parent. Check out our cool collection of games on our website. We are loving the Froggy colour matching game for the little ones and the fun Catch-a-roo game for the older ones at the moment. Keep it a secret and hide it in your wardrobe, pull it out when you most need it. You won’t regret it, we promise.



Save this image as a quick reference for activities!

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