Try our games for free!
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Try our games for free!

We’re giving you the chance to try out BrainBox games for free. We’ve created print-and-play versions of many of our most popular titles (and a few more obscure ones as well), so you can try at home.

Just click on the one you’d like to try and the PDF file will download to your computer or device. Then you can print it out or play it on the screen – use a piece of paper or your hand to cover up the questions while you’re studying the image, and then cover the image while you’re looking at the questions.


Age 3+

Brainbox First Letters - A to I
Brainbox First Letters - J to R

Brainbox First Numbers - One
Brainbox First Numbers - Two

Brainbox First Colours


Age 5+

Brainbox Dinosaurs - One
Brainbox Dinosaurs - Two

Brainbox First Maths - Shapes
Brainbox First Maths - Measurements

Brainbox First Science - Nature
Brainbox First Science - Food


Age 7+

Brainbox Animals

Brainbox Nature

Brainbox The World

Brainbox Science

Brainbox English

Brainbox Maths Plus

If you want to try some of the games produced by other companies in the Asmodee Group, there’s a great selection here.

Have fun!

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