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Brainbox Board Games

You know the classic cube-shaped BrainBoxes, but did you know that there are also expanded board-game versions of some of our best-selling titles, plus a full BrainBox Boardgame? If you’re craving a bigger and more competitive version of your favourite quiz-game, why not check these out?

First of all BRAINBOX FOOTBALL BOARD GAME takes the action internationally, featuring 72 top teams from all over the world, their kit, their stadiums and much more. There’s also a fiendishly clever Spot the Difference special challenge, red and yellow cards, and more. Like all our board games it’s for two or more players aged 7+

Then there’s the BRAINBOX TRAVEL THE WORLD board game, and if that sounds like a dull geography lesson then fear not, it’s not! Eighty-four new BrainBox cards will test your knowledge of the world’s people, cultures and most extraordinary places, as you travel a giant map of the world trying to get a full collection of stamps in your passport. It’s a perfect pastime for future jet-setters.

For fans of ROALD DAHL there’s a board-game version of the original BrainBox based on the great storyteller’s tales, with extra cards adding The Witches and Fantastic Mr Fox into the mix, and all with the extraordinary artwork of the great Quentin Blake. And younger players will enjoy the board-game version of PEPPA PIG, and it’s possible that some older BrainBoxers will enjoy playing it with them too.

And finally we’re giving THE BRAINBOX BOARD GAME a complete overhaul, with new cards, new art and new questions, and a clever new box as well. We know you don’t buy a game because it’s got a good box, but at the same time if you can make your mates go ‘Ooh!’ as you open it up to show them, we reckon that’s a big plus. There’ll be more news on that soon, but if you liked the old version, you’ll really enjoy this.